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International factoring


About International factoring

Until recently Letter of credit (L/C) has been mostly accepted instrument to control international trade risk. Now more international trade settled by remittance without L/C , simply because of the demand for more simple and fast trade/settlement or the needs for less administration and financial burden on importer side.

International factoring is a simple alternative solution for exporter to collect money and secure account receivables, provided by the professional factors cooperating under the uniform service level agreement of FCI*.

*Mizuho Factors, Limited offers a international factoring services , as one of the core member of FCI, which consists of many of leading banks and its subsidiaries in the world.

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Benefit of international factoring

  • Secure export account receivables without L/C with 100% coverage.
  • Strengthen buyer risk control
  • Simplify export administration and save time.

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